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Rent Guarantee


How does the rent guarantee work for you?

When RentAssure manages your property your guaranteed rent is back by Local Authority payment. Which is 100% totally secure.

We are not a rent to rent agency promising to pay you.

Lets compare a traditional letting service and RentAssure guaranteed rental income. 

Traditional Service 
Guaranteed Rent Scheme

As you can see from the above illustration there are many advantages to having a rent guarantee working for you.

Landlord letting issues?

When renting your property apart from maximising the rent it is just as important to reduce  or eliminate the problems that come with being a landlord.

And these problems if not managed properly can be costly!
(see some of the risks below)

Reducing the income you receive along with having to deal with some of these issue on your own.

At its worst you lose money on what should be an income producing investment.

Self managed and the traditional letting route can be expensive and make your investment unprofitable.

Why, what are the risks?

  1. Over the top traditional letting agent fees
  2. Management fees leaving you out of pocket
  3. Rent payments being late
  4. The very high possibility that your tenant will stop paying their rent
  5. Court costs
  6. Empty weeks or months without any rental income
  7. Your property being neglected
  8. You become liable for utility bills/water rates/council tax when property empty.
  9. Not being able to cover your mortgage payments if rental payments have stopped.

Leaving you to have to cover the payments out of your own pocket.

This is not an over the top list – these issues are encountered by landlords in every part of the country.

Some helpful government information can be found here – Landlord and tenant rights

RentAssure Letting Rent Guarantee protected

Rent Guarantee

Your Property Protected

RentAssure was founded to create certainty along with reducing risk.

The rent guarantee scheme allows you to

  1. Have no void periods – i.e. 100% occupancy
  2. Your rental payment paid promptly – so no more worrying
  3. In many cases full or practically no property maintenance costs covered
  4. 0% commission
  5. No Fees
  6. No court costs
  7. No dealing with tenants
  8. Your property returned in condition

Your rent guaranteed Zero Setup Cost  Free Property Maintenance Payments Always On Time Regular Inspections Hassle Free No Void Periods Free Cleaning Rent still paid if vacant No Commission 100% Rent Guaranteed Get consistent income No Landlord Setup Costs 100% Rent Guaranteed No Late Rent Payments Set Up For Success No Tenants to Deal With Rent Paid On Time No Maintenance Calls Rent Paid On Time No Court Fees 0% Commission No Letting Agent Fees Its all we do!

Is your property safe, habitable, safe and clean?
Then your property can be let immediately.

If not we can even help with making your property ready for rental.

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