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Guaranteed rental is fast become the preferred way to protect your property.

We protect your property and rental income with local authority backed payment. So no voids, bills and full payment and peace of mind. 

RentAssure is not a rent to renter agency.
Rent to rent can be fraught with problems and in many cases illegal unless you are an HMO (house of multiple occupancy).

RentAssure operate as a legal, ethical and trustworthy guaranteed rental agency.

The illustration below show how using RentAssure gives you rental guarantee return safety but also can be more profitable.

Guaranteed rental income comparison chart using an letting agency verses the benefits of using RentAssure

Self managed properties do not escape from the hassle, worry and inconvenience.

RentAssure takes all these issues off your shoulders.

No dealing with maintenance, viewing, worrying about  finding tenants and vetting and the costs. Hopefully you have not had to deal with evictions.

Typical Service
Guaranteed Rental 

Definition: Guaranteed Rental

  1. Guaranteed Rent Scheme – RentAssure Local Authority backed. Contract length 1-5 years. 100% secure.

  2. Rent to Rent
    The agent becomes your tenant. Be aware of the legal issues and the financial viability of the company. They may go out of business along with your rent.

  3.  Guaranteed Rental Insurance – Can cost anwhere from 6 to 20% of the monthly rent. The cover is for the individual not for the property. No rental is paid for when the property is empty.

RentAssure – Specialize and only operate Guarantee Scheme that is backed by local authority payment. Guaranteeing our landlords payment and peace of mind.

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