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Guaranteed Rent
Letting Agency


Who we are

RentAssure – Specialize and only operate a legal Guaranteed Rent Scheme that is backed by local authority payment.

Guaranteeing you payment and peace of mind.

As landlords ourselves we have experienced problem tenants, loss of rent, the annoyance of late payment. the frustrating court process to evict tenants and the damage caused to our properties. Also letting agent handling problems.

As a guaranteed rent letting agency we have created a service that allows landlords to have certainty and enjoy a hassle free rental experience.

What we are not

We are not a rent to rent agency.

Leaving you legally vulnerably to actions you have handed your property over to.

Some rent to rent operators sub-divide your room allowing them to to increase the in effect creating a HMO which your property may not have planning for leaving you open to prosecution.

Who we work with

Landlords and Corporate multi-unit owners.

Who want a fully managed service.

What we stand for

As a guaranteed rent letting agency, all our employees understand that first and foremost our job is to look after the needs of you – our client.

No matter what role of our staff – whether they are in the back office or client facing.

We all focus on helping you succeed in your goal you have for your property  – that you have entrusted us with. 

We work for you, you do not work for us!
Without you we would not exist.

What does service mean:
To help in every way in protecting your asset.

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