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Your rent guaranteed Payment always On Time Hassle Free Management No Void Periods Free Cleaning Regular updates No Surprise bills Rent still paid if vacant Regular Inspections No Commission 100% Rent Guaranteed No deductions Consistent income No Hidden Costs 100% Rent Guaranteed No Landlord Setup Costs Free Property Maintenance No Late Rent Payments Set Up For Success No Tenants to Deal With Rent Paid On Time No Maintenance Calls Zero Setup Cost  No Court Fees 0% Commission No Letting Agent Fees

Quick Response Handyman

Getting you property ready for your new tenant or there’s an odd job that needs attention. We use a local handyman service near to you for painting, decorating leaking taps, cutting grass. click here for painting and decorating handyman.

Traditional Agent
Guaranteed Rent Scheme

How Can We Help You

Rent without experiencing the problems
other landlords encounter 

Six Reasons Why

To Use RentAssure
Rent Guarantee Scheme

With guaranteed rent 100% of the rent goes to you - RentAssure

1. 100% Of The Rent

You receive 100% of the rent agreed.

Landlord have full tenancy. No Void periods. No loss of rent. RentAssure

2. No Void Periods

Full tenancy. No loss of rent.

Zero letting agency fees with RentAssure

3. No Fees

No agency fees.

No-missed payments, or rent arrears or being out of pocket RentAssure

4. No Arrears

No more worrying of being out of pocket or being paid on time.

Free Gas and electrical safety check, energy performance certificate - RentAssure

5. Free Inventory

Free – Gas safety check, Energy Performance Certificate, free electrical safety test.

Maintenance Free property management

6. Maintenance Free

Preventive & 24/7 Reactive Maintenance to look after your property.

Guaranteed Rent Scheme RentAssure Service


Stability from uncertainty

RentAssure are specialists in the Guaranteed Rent Scheme. Its all we do!

Helping Landlords to maximise the return on their investment, reduce risk and be hassle-free.

Assisting in helping you achieving your goal – whether it be maximizing yield, having the certainty of guaranteed income in your retirement or to managing property portfolios.

We provide a hassle free end to end guaranteed rent property management service.

Your rent guaranteed Zero Setup Cost  Free Property Maintenance Your Payments Always On Time Regular Inspections Hassle Free No Void Periods Free Cleaning Rent still paid if vacant No Commission 100% Rent Guaranteed Get consistent income No Landlord Setup Costs 100% Rent Guaranteed No Late Rent Payments Set Up For Success No Tenants to Deal With Rent Paid On Time No Maintenance Calls Rent Paid On Time No Court Fees 0% Commission No Letting Agent Fees Its all we do!

From one property to multiple units.

You have certainty of guaranteed rent and a hassle free service.

Why Choose RentAssure

Rent Guarantee Scheme

Take advantage 

Certainty and peace of mind. We deliver a professional service from assessment of your property to your tenant moving in. Answering any questions you may have and making sure your payment is paid each and every month guaranteed.

Our professional team has been helping landlords for a long time, and know what to make sure of and what to avoid.

Deal with an experienced professional.

We have looked at the way the rental market is structured and use a business model that allows us to remove regular agent commission fee’s. 

Zero commission does not mean a lesser service. Nothing is stripped away – We work hard for our clients, providing what can be seen as an award winning – fully managed service.

Certified professionals at each and every step. Pre-inspections, rent appraisals, certificates and more. RentAssure take a careful step by step approach to make sure nothing is missed.

As we continue to grow we provide the private rented sector housing guarantee scheme across London for property owning landlords and multi unit owning property companies.

By having your rent guaranteed you can experience the peace of mind to allowing you to plan a head with certainty.

For some landlords who have expereinced, non-payment, the court-process, late-payment and eviction. Rude and abusive tenants – using the RentAssure service will allow you to get you life back. As you will not have to deal with any of these issues!

Unlike traditional letting agencies you as the landlords have a continual risk of non-payment and unexpected costs. By choosing to use RentAssure you gain the certainty of your guaranteed rental income being paid every month without fail for 1 to 5 years.

5 Star

Customer Service

  • Quick to respond
  • Regular property visits
  • Friendly and organised
  • Professional
  • Planned & 24/7 Reactive maintenance
  • Experienced helpful Teams

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Preventive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

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Avg Issue Resolution

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Make Being A Landlord Profitable And Enjoyable

Using the certainty of the rent guarantee.

Spend more time doing the things you like and leave the managing of the property to us.

Join other landlords who are enjoying a hassle-free rental experience with guaranteed rental income.

Most Ask Questions

How Does Guaranteed Rent Scheme Work

1. Get in touch and receive your free rental appraisal
2. Your property is inspected and assessed.
3. Compliance certification is carried out, at our cost
4. RentAssure lets your property to our rent guarantee tenants
5. RentAssure actively manages your property.
Carrying out complete inspections every 4-6 weeks and renew any compliance certificates annually.
5. RentAssure oversee any required maintenance.

At the end of the initial period, you can either renew with us or take your property back with vacant possession.

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What Is Your Guaranteed Rent Scheme

The rent guarantee scheme is an initiative offered by RentAssure that covers the management and letting of properties.

We let to reliable tenants so we can guarantee there are zero voids and zero defaults.

Our management fee is covered by our corporate clients so there is nothing for you to pay.

You get professional management and an income guarantee.

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How Long Is The Rental Agreement For?

The guaranteed rental agreement is typically 1 – 5 year rental guarantee. If you are looking for a longer period up to 10 year rental guarantee. Please let us know.

Clients can easily re-new their agreement without loss of rent.

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If I Use RentAssure What Do I Receive?

Landlords receive:

Free management
Inspection on the property every 4-6 weeks.
Free electrical safety tests
Free gas safety checks
Free Energy Performance Certificates
Free Cleaning
Planned & 24/7 Reactive maintenance
Prepare property for rental
Full management service
Genuine peace of mind
Certainty of the income you receive

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What Rent Can I Expect To Achieve?

The rent payable depends on where the property is located and the number of bedrooms.

We will visit the property to let you know how much rent you can achieve.

On a net basis, with zero management fees, guaranteed zero void periods and zero missed payments, our rent guarantee works out to offer greater financial returns for landlords without the stress.

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How Do I Get Started With The Guaranteed Rent Scheme?

A helpful RentAssure agent will guide you through the setup process of our guaranteed rent scheme.

Answering any questions you may have.

We will then arrange a time to inspect your property and will discuss our management plan to maximise your rental income..

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RentAssure Guaranteed Rent Scheme 

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